Sales Force Management

Nowadays, it is a fact that the number of business applications is growing rapidly also in our country. It seems that the almost 63% of firms are using these applications, with an important impact for productivity and business efficiency. Recently, very interesting data were submitted within the event “From Paper to Mobility Enterprise” by Gruppo Risorsa from Milan.

The use and deployment of mobile solutions for enterprises (the so-called enterprise app) is growing: notably the 63% of large enterprises has adopted a mobile application over the past years, or is planning to do it soon. This figure is growing compared to the previous year by as much as 3%.

Sales Force Automation: used by 37% of companies

Among the most used business apps, there are those dedicated to the sales force (Sales Force Automation), which record certainly the highest level of penetration in the Italian productive fabric. In fact, they are used by as much as 37% of companies.

All these data are certainly able to make us think about the changes we are undergoing, particularly in the enterprise business process management, thanks to the adoption of new mobile technologies.

Tangible benefits right away

An evolution that seems to be quite positive given the numbers:

  • the 86% of firms that use sales force automation solutions is satisfied
  • the 64% of cases has already registered an increase in productivity

The advantages are quite numerous. The most recognized in the survey include:

  • process optimization, that increases sales performance of 25%
  • shortening of distance between the company, sales force and customer

Large companies have already realized the importance of this change, while among SMEs only a small number have decided to focus on mobile applications.

Sales force management: the main interface of firms

Digital innovation can become an excellent opportunity, especially in the case of companies with commercial network. Even the role of seller is evolving more and more to that of consultant, requiring more specific skills. The sales force is the company’s interface with the market, since it can collect valuable information to help the company in the development of new commercial and marketing strategies.

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