How to plan your appointments?

How to plan your appointments?

Appointments, visits, information: daily bread for each sales agent.
How to best organize your calendar? How to plan your own week of visits?

Plan your appointments calendar

How to plan your appointments?
The Order Sender module for Visit Tours, Business Travels, allows you to manage instantly all your appointments, with a few clicks.
You will have a complete view of your work week, with all the scheduled visits.

Not only that: you can associate a visit frequency to each customer, thus visualizing if the last scheduled appointment was respected by the established date and when, the next one.
You can manage appointments with specific audits, create reports, geo-localize visits and manage prospects.

Interactive Map

Thanks to an interactive map, you can quickly find the destination of your appointment: customers to visit, their location and distance in real time.
You will always have a complete view of the movements to be made.


You can fill out a “personal” survey, or send it to the company, as a meeting feedback. Thanks to a specific audit, you can evaluate the appointment, take note of the products to which the customer is interested, visit’s quality and frequency. You will thus get a useful and immediate evaluation.

With Business Travels you can:

Plan your appointments in just a few clicks; Geolocate your customers on the interactive map; Manage appointments with specific audits; synchronize your visits; Associate a visit frequency to each customer (check the last appointment established, its date, success, what is the next scheduled one etc.); Create reports at the end of the visit (with goals, notes, outcomes, etc.); View appointments on your device’s calendar; Integrable with wearable devices and messaging systems.

Business Travels is part of the Order Sender Suite