Have you set your targets for 2018?

What business scores have you achieved in 2017? Moreover, which ones would you like to reach next year? No generalisms, nothing “I would like to increase sales” or “I would like to find more customers” but real, concrete objectives, starting from the results obtained so far.

The market must be analysed and monitored, competition controlled, ideas and changes proposed, experience in the field made, what needs to value and what is no longer needed.

Your sales network makes the difference

Your sales network makes and can do, the difference making your business better.

Do you still fill in the orders by hand?

If the answer is yes, this is the first piece to be changed in 2018.

Choose Order Sender, the CRM for your sales network, able to integrate perfectly with any company ERP. Thanks to Order Sender you will have at your disposal, in a single device: CRM sales, order collection, digital catalogue, estimates, agent management, document management and statistics.

A complete software for the sales network management, available for iOS, Android and Web, developed for the needs of field sellers. A real Sales Force Automation tool.

Start now to differentiate yourself: choose Order Sender! Request specific information for your company if you want to optimise your sales network management.