“Reports” section

Recalled both from the home screen and from the buttons below, it is an area dedicated to the analysis of the economic trend of the company’s business.
All the data in this section can be filtered by “Agent” (reserved for the Manager user), “Supplier” and “Customer”.

This tool offers a summary of the orders placed, month by month, during the current and previous year. In the first pane, you can choose two types of visualization: line chart and bar chart.
In the second view there is also the bar that shows the total for the year.
The second and third boxes show the differences, month by month, between the current year and the previous one. The second box is expressed in currency while the third in percentage.

Best selling items
In this view you can see the ranking of the 10 best selling items since the start of the activity. The product codes are expressed on the Y axis, while the quantity purchased of this product is indicated at the bottom of the blue bar.