Order creation screen overview

This is the screen where the order / quote form is filled out. Allows you to specify customer, supplier, shipment and item data.

In the header we find the section dedicated to numbering. When the order / quote is created, a temporary number (T-xxx) is assigned which remains until the order / quote is sent. After sending, the system will assign the definitive order number (B-xxx) considering the general numbering of the account.

The date is automatically entered based on the day on which the order is completed. However, it is always possible to change it manually.

The PDF icon allows you to see a preview of the PDF of the order (online) as it would arrive at the customer and supplier. This allows you to carry out checks and correct any errors before actually sending the proposal. From this screen it is also possible to print the PDF preview of the order directly via a WiFi printer connected to your internal network.

The “Order Options” menu is accessible by clicking the icon at the top right of the order creation screen. It allows you to view specific operations on the individual order. For example: a draft order can be sent or canceled, while an already sent order can be re-sent, duplicated or canceled.