How can I delete an order / quote from my device, without it being restored?

Log in as Manager to your Reserved Area, you can store both orders and estimates so that they do not take up space on the device.
To do this, enter the list of orders / quotes, select the ones you want to archive (putting the flag at the beginning of each line) and press the “Archive selected” button at the bottom of the page.

It is also possible to make a multiple selection by choosing “200” from the drop-down list at the bottom of the page (“items per page”) and, at the top of the list, placing the flag in the small square at the top left.

Then perform this procedure from Tablet or Smartphone:

– Check that you have no “unsent” orders or quotes, because otherwise they will be lost (if you send or write them down)
– From the “Account” section, click on the line corresponding to your company code
– Open the menu at the top right (three dots), press “Delete” and confirm with “Ok”
– Enter the credentials relating to your subscription and confirm with the “Go” button to perform the synchronization which will restore all the data.