Digital product catalog for sales networks

Digital product catalog for sales networks

Digital product catalog for sales network.
The digital product catalog is a winning sales tool for every salesperson.

With the digital product catalogue, you can show your products on Smartphones and Tablets: photo galleries, full-screen images, extended descriptions. Ditch the paper catalogs: expensive to print, difficult to update and distribute.

Find what you are looking for in just a few clicks: the data is always updated and at your fingertips, wherever you are, even without an Internet connection. Present your offer in the best possible way, make sales more agile and acquire orders in a few simple steps.

Digital product catalog for sales networks

The product catalog becomes digital and interactive, on Smartphones and Tablets.
The Order Sender digital catalog features extensive product descriptions, technical data sheets, photo galleries with full-screen and high-resolution images: your offer is presented at its best. It allows you to collect orders on the go, even offline.

Immediate consultation: find what you are looking for immediately, the speed of the search makes the sales process more agile.

Eliminate the use of paper, and the costs of printing, modification and distribution. Make a sustainable choice: the Order Sender order collection app saves about 2 tons of paper a year.

Digital catalog advantages

  • Collect orders on the go and in just a few clicks
  • Show your products from Smartphone and Tablet
  • Present your commercial offer in the best possible way
  • Abandon heavy paper catalogues, difficult to transport, modify and distribute
  • You work offline
  • Data always updated
  • Immediate changes
  • Eliminate printing costs
  • Eliminate the use of the card and make a green choice
  • The sales experience is more agile and performing
  • The work of the Sales Network is facilitated
  • Available for Web, Smartphone and Tablet, iOS and Android
  • 15 day free trial

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