CRM: why choose Order Sender

All Data in one single point, always with you. This opportunity is today, one of selling secrets.

Order Sender is a real and genuine sales CRM that perfectly integrates with any business ERP.

What is CRM?

Let’s talk about Customer Relationship Management: one of the sales agent’s primary instruments. It allows you to have all the information to one single point: the agent can know all customer data, wherever and whenever he wants, the historical orders, the administrative situation, buying statistics etc. These data are very precious for the commercial network and to set up to the best sale proposal.

Thanks to Order Sender you will have, in one and unique device: CRM sales, Visit Tours, Catalog, Order Picking, Estimates, Agents Management, Statistics and Documental Administration. A real and actual software available for IOS, Android, Web, developed for frontline sellers and that perfectly integrates with extreme flexibility to all ERP, CRM and all internal business management systems.

Sales Force

You can find so many CRM on sale, of course. Today the most important is, maybe, Sales Force. This great CRM is surely a full, articulated and efficient project, expressly born to give statistical references related to the various sources of business marketing information that arrive. Complete in each part, we feel it is a high profile structure and also very complicated for a particular sector tied to sales network, which bases its efficiency on speed and their customer’s data administration.

In the process of order acquisitions and information Order Sender is an effective alternative to SalesForce, because it’s straightforward and immediate, as well as very fast and also examinable without connectivity. A fleet tool that maybe doesn’t have all the integration and analysis of the most prestigious software’s one, but surely is the right one for the vast majority of sales network realities.

Fixed for SMEs and medium-sized enterprises, it has a very short learning curve and mostly, considering toll’s efficiency, a very competitive price.

Order Sender Business and Enterprise

There are two platform versions: Order Sender Business, dedicated to small realities or SMEs which begin to structure their own sales network and the version of Order Sender Enterprise which becomes a real business conversation tool with all enterprise’s informative systems. In the particular case, with SalesForce which could be the company’s part of Order Sender’s data analysis

Begin to differentiate yourself immediately: choose Order Sender in its complete version with all the new forms.If you want to optimise sales network management, you require the specific information for your company.