Create highly effective presentations for your customers


A printed catalog as working tool for a sales network is something that belongs to the past: today, with Order Sender, everything you need is available on your tablet!

From now on, you can have always with you all the multimedia material you need in order to give more efficacy and involvement to your presentations to the client.

Order Sender Business allows every agent to upload catalogs, price lists o documents on their tablets, having the possibility to view the files on the move and even in the absence of connectivity, that is to say when no access to internet is possible.

All the information synchronized on tablets

Products, catalogs and also canvas are always available on the tablets of agents and are always updated thanks to the constant synchronization performed by the company that can manage from a single point, in a centralized way, all the information and data available on the agents’ tablets.

The advantages for your presentations

Here are some advantages that you may gain thanks to the features of Order Sender Business:

  1. Emotional, interactive and performant presentations
  2. Always updated digital catalogs on tablet
  3. Intuitive and quick inserting of brochures, canvas and discounts
  4. Possibility of making presentations offline
  5. Greater involvement of client, making the sales easier

How do you upload catalogs on tablet?

This task is very simple and it allows you to concentrate more on your client. You can have these functions available:

  • easily upload pdf documents from your web dashboard
  • Organize your documents in folders (discount brochures, product forms)
  • upload up to 50 MB
  • consult your catalogs even without internet
  • Find easily documents while in front of your client and send it to him by email in pdf format

If you chose Order Sender Business, your presentations will never be the same! You will be able to become more effective, having available an innovative marketing tool that will help you in the sales process.

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