Saima: all the scent of Campania pastry.

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OS Enterprise and OS Retail for Saima

Ingredients, flavors and aromas of Campania pastry.
A cutting-edge company for those involved in pastry, ice cream, bakery, catering and cafeteria.

OS Enterprise is the order collection and sales network management solution from Tablet chosen by Saima. In fact, the Caserta-based company has a widespread sales network, divided by channel, with over 50 specialized agents coordinated by a team of managers.

To allow Saima customers to place orders in total autonomy, we have also developed a “Saima Plus” Retail App: a B2B E-commerce on Smartphones and Tablets, iOS and Android, integrated with the Enterprise OS.

Saima invests in research, development and sustainability: a warehouse with a huge range of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, a photovoltaic panel system, deliveries in 16-18 hours from the order, laboratories, workshops and training school. An added value of the company is precisely the Saima Academy: a space reserved for training, because “only by nurturing and updating one’s skills can one pursue a successful future”.