Sacar: B2B sale of beach items, stubbornness and avant-garde since 1978.

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OS Enterprise, OS Retail and Order Factory for Sacar

Sacar was born in 1978 from a small commercial space in the province of Livorno: a company specialized in the wholesale distribution of beach items, toys and camping products. The strengths of the Tuscan company are its stubbornness and its ability to innovate on the market.

Precisely for this reason, Sacar has chosen to equip its commercial network of sales agents, located in the most important areas, with customized sales tools, such as our order collection software from Tablet OS Enterprise.

Not only that, Sacar also gives its professional customers the possibility of collecting orders thanks to the B2B Order Factory E-commerce: a B2B portal that allows its customers to manage orders in total autonomy.

Another sales tool, chosen by the company for its B2B customers, is our B2B E-commerce on App OS Retail: customers have the option of sending orders, restocking products, consulting the catalogue, reordering items, all in total autonomy, from Smartphone, iOS and Android, even offline.