Intermed: point of reference for the medical, orthopedic and hospital world.

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OS Enterprise for Intermed

The Italian commercial company, one of the most important in the healthcare aids distribution sector, has adopted the solution for managing the commercial network and collecting orders from mobile phones, OS Enterprise. The Sales Force Automation Software was customized according to the specific needs of the company, and was connected to Easy Data’s AS400 management system.

Intermed is a point of reference for the medical, orthopedic and hospital world: its philosophy and its activity have been based, since 1996, on research, updating and constant development of new products and new solutions.
Five registered trademarks, harmonized with the corporate brand, over 100 certified suppliers in Italy and abroad.

For the Milanese company we have also developed the company portal with catalog and B2B E-commerce. The new site has data management linked to the Cosmocatalog project: with a single solution it is possible to manage the product catalog and the online catalog at the same time. In a single database you have the data common to the two exposure systems. All just a click away.