Business Travels: The form for the tour visits

Plan your appointments in a few clicks.

Business Travels, the Order Sender’s tour visits form, allows you to organise your appointments calendar. You can manage and synchronize your visits, get all the information you need, you can geolocalise your customers on the map and create reports at the end of the tour.

Not only that, from today you can export the calendar in Excel format to carry out a detailed analysis. Targets, notes and outcomes (included in the survey), will be so handy, in one place.

How to export appointments?

– Enter the Reserved Area, accessing as a Manager from;

– From the settings menu, select “Export”;

– From the drop-down menu select “Appointments” and the period that interests to analyse;

– Select the type of software you will use for the CSV file for April and press “Download file“.

With Business Travels you will have an overview, immediate and practical, of all your scheduled appointments. You can also associate a “visit frequency” to each customer, checking if the last date has been respected, when it is going back, what is next scheduled and so on.

The interactive map allows the agent to quickly find the position of the customers to be reached, evaluating distances and movements in real time.

At the end of the visit, the agent can evaluate the meeting and send feedback to the company thanks to a survey to have a first immediate evaluation.

With Business Travels you can:

– Manage and synchronize your visits

– Geolocalise your customers on the map

– Create reports at the end of the tour

Export your appointments to an Excel file