Business Travels for Sales Agents and Sales Networks

Business Travels for Sales Agents and Sales Networks

Order Sender revolutionises roundtrips for sales agents and sales networks.

Visiting sales agents is a crucial aspect of the sales process, requiring organisation, efficiency and optimal time management. The Order Sender order acquisition app optimises agent rounds, simplifies appointment planning and improves the effectiveness of visits.

What is Order Sender?

Order Sender is a mobile application designed for commercial agents, sales representatives and salespeople who need a versatile and reliable tool for order management.

The Order Sender App represents a complete and advanced solution for sales agents’ visit management. Its ability to simplify planning, optimise order management and provide instant access to crucial, up-to-date information, even offline, makes this tool an indispensable ally for salespeople.

If you haven’t already done so, you can try the App free of charge, in its full version, for 15 days.

Business Travels for Sales Agents and Sales Networks

Order Sender’s Visitor Tour, Business Travels, allows you to never miss a customer again, schedule mobile appointments in a few clicks, find customers on the interactive map and create reports at the end of the visit. All from Smartphone and Tablet, even offline.

Plan visits

Planning is the key to an effective visit. Order Sender allows agents to schedule customer visits in just a few clicks with an intuitive interface. You can view all appointments at a glance, schedule visits in just a few clicks, and get all the necessary information immediately and always up-to-date.

Finding Customers

Before starting the tour, it is essential to identify priority customers and establish an optimal itinerary that minimises travel time. With Business Travels Tour you can geolocalise your customers on the interactive map, pinpoint their location immediately, and find those closest to you. You can also organise the best route, reducing travel time and increasing the number of daily visits.

Create end-of-visit reports

With Business Travels you can monitor your visits: sales statistics, customers, visit cadences, appointment feedback, scheduling. You can mark notes and outcomes, set goals, measure your business. Gathering feedback on visits and customer needs allows you to continuously improve your business.

A well-organised round of visits is essential for the success of sales agents.

Try Order Sender Visitor Tour for free for 15 days!