Boost your sales with Order Sender Modules

Boost your sales with Order Sender Modules
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Order Sender, our mobile order collection and sales network management software, offers various modules to boost sales and optimize your sales work.

Order Sender Forms App for Agents

Digital Catalog on App

The Order Sender Catalog Module allows you to show your products on the go, wherever you are, on Smartphones and Tablets. Even offline. You have at your disposal digital catalogs full of photo galleries, full-screen images, extended descriptions, always updated data. Goodbye to paper catalogues: forget heavy catalogs to print, update and distribute, reduce printing costs.

B2B Order Sender

Order Sender also becomes a B2B portal. A B2B E-commerce that allows your customers to manage their orders in total autonomy. Your customers can access the catalogue, complete with images and detailed information, complete and send orders. In addition to the catalogue, the product restocking, the order history, the personal data sheet and other optional modules are available to optimize your E-commerce. Order Sender B2B is an online platform that can always be consulted from any device (Smartphone, Tablet, PC).

Business Travels

With the Order Sender, Business Travels Tour Visits Module, your agenda is digital, on Smartphones and Tablets. You can plan all your appointments in just a few clicks, geolocate customers on the interactive map, create reports at the end of the visit to send to the company. Save precious time to dedicate to sales, and you will never lose a customer again.

Variants management

The Order Sender Variant Management Module allows you to manage all the product variants in your order: size, colour, dimension, packaging, format. You can also choose different quantities and prices for each variant. You have a complete view and management of all variants, complete with quantities and prices.

Certified personal data

Thanks to the Order Sender Certificate Registry Form, you obtain all the data relating to a new company, by entering only its VAT number. Acquire orders quickly, eliminate errors and obtain certified, quality data.

Commissions and Statistics

Find out what your earnings are on sales at any time, thanks to the Commissions Module. You can calculate commissions in two ways: with a percentage of the sales price, or with a percentage of the sales margin. In addition, with the Statistics Dashboard, an essential Business Intelligence tool, you have at your disposal a detailed report that highlights your earnings month by month, order by order, so as to perfectly measure your business.

Order Sender order collection app

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