B2B Ecommerce for Customers

B2B Ecommerce for Customers

Order Sender B2B is a powerful solution that simplifies and streamlines the B2B order management process.

Order Sender B2B Ecommerce for Customers

A B2B Ecommerce that automates your customers’ order collection. With advanced features, an intuitive interface and the ability to integrate with existing systems, Order Sender B2B is a must-have solution for improving order management.

Your customers can access the product catalog, fill and submit orders independently, quickly, automatically, without errors and wasted time. Order Sender B2B is an online platform, always accessible from any device (Smartphone, Tablet, PC).

Order Sender B2B Ecommerce Features

Product Catalog

The product catalog full of images and detailed information such as descriptions, data sheets, prices, discounts, codes, availability.

The catalog can manage categories and subcategories, up to 3 levels. Your customers can access it with their credentials, consult it and submit orders independently.


Product can be sold either in single pieces or in packages.

Product Reassortment

Your customers have the ability to re-stock and re-order previously ordered products, thanks to a pre-filled list of items based on last orders, with image, basic information, order date, quantity, price.

Order Sender B2B shows your customers the order history: the summary of orders placed with product detail, both overall and specific to each order line. You can also quickly repurchase products in the detail in just a few clicks.

Customer Master Card

A Customer Master Sheet is available with all its data. An efficient way to get accurate and up-to-date customer information.
Order Sender B2B also provides additional Optional Functions such as:

Product Variant Management

Ability to manage all product variants, even specifying different prices and discounts for each.

Excise Management

Ability to manage Italian taxation for alcoholic beverages, tobacco and fuel.

Additional language

Site language can be set to Italian or English.

API Integration

Order Sender B2B integrates with any business management and third-party billing systems via API. Integrations are already available with the TeamSystem Danea EasyFatt and Invoices in the Cloud group management systems.

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