Sales Force Automation: the benefits

Sales Force Automation: the benefits

Sales Force Automation: the benefits
It makes sales more effective, saves you time, money and resources. Improve the effectiveness of sales processes.

Thanks to digital tools, the management of a company’s commercial network is simplified and optimized, the work of sales agents is easier and more productive, time and resources are optimized, sales increase and customers are more satisfied.

Sales Force Automation: the benefits

The advantages of Sales Force Automation

With Sales Force Automation the activity of sales agents is more productive: thanks to the support of technology, salespeople are able to work better and sell more.

The job of a sales agent is simpler

The agent uses his time to sell and does not waste it on filling out paper sheets and commission copies, searching for information, outdated data, telephone calls. OS Enterprise is much more streamlined, the order fulfillment is fast and error-free, the data is always updated and the communication between agent, customer and company is much faster and more effective. The savings in time, costs and the use of paper are remarkable.

No more lost sales

Thanks to some SFA Modules, such as the Business Travels, the agent improves the scheduling of his appointments, has the possibility of geolocating customers on an interactive map, can find the customers closest to him and compile reports at the end of the visit to be sent to the company.

Measure your business

Thanks to Business Intelligence statistics, you have the ability to monitor activities, correct errors and implement new business strategies.
You have concrete and measurable indicators of the progress of your business, precious data that allow you to make the right decisions for your business.
The Marketing department gets real-time feedback.

Best sales process: satisfied customers

It significantly improves the relationship between customer and company: information is clear, rapid, conveyed in real time to all company departments and, consequently, to customers.
A Sales Force Automation software streamlines your work, makes communication more efficient and customers more satisfied by allowing you to build your business reputation.

Cost and time savings

Sales Force Automation reduces costs, saves time and increases productivity.

CRM sales

The core of sales force automation is CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
Thanks to CRM, you manage relationships with customers, improve the quality of the service presented, have all the useful information about the customer available, make the right decisions quickly and, thanks to centralized systems, optimize the entire sales management process.

Sales Force Automation: the benefits

Do you want to make your sales network make the leap?

Try our Sales Force Automation OS Enterprise solution dedicated to your company to manage all the activities of your commercial network.

With Order Sender Enterprise:

  • Automate the business sales process
  • You have a real sales CRM in hand
  • Collect orders and quotes from Mobile
  • Showcase your products from digital and interactive catalogs
  • Use Business Intelligence tools: data analysis, advanced statistics and reporting
  • Manage documents and invoices
  • Take advantage of the Visits Tour to manage appointments, interactive maps and surveys
  • Integrated into any company ERP
  • Manage very important databases (over 500,000 articles)
  • Customize OS Enterprise to suit your business needs
  • Works offline