Agent Statistics: your Business Intelligence

Agent Statistics: your Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

Agent Statistics: your Business Intelligence
All the business tools and processes that collect and analyze strategic data and information are part of Business Intelligence (BI). The goal is to make the right business decisions and improve your performance, starting from the data.

Reports and Statistics create a complete view of your work, thus helping you to make better and actionable decisions.

Thanks to BI, companies use the collected data to analyze the activity, understand if there are problems and how to solve them, make strategic decisions, quickly and effectively.

Business Intelligence: why is it important for companies?
Analyze data, measure your work, eliminate problems, improve your business

Business Intelligence is fundamental for companies because it allows you to make better decisions based on data, and not “by feeling” or “in the gut”.

The complete analysis and vision of current and historical data allows you to measure your work, modify it, eliminate inefficiencies, improve it.

When used effectively, the right data is useful for any business.

Business Intelligence helps you to:

  • Finding problems, bottlenecks that block your work
  • Understanding how to improve your business and increase profits
  • Analyze customer behavior
  • Compare current data with historical ones
  • Compare your results with those of your competitors
  • Track performance and sales
  • Identify market trends
  • Discover errors and critical issues, so as to intervene and resolve them
  • Finding new business

The visual dashboards – with graphs, diagrams, reports – are perfect to be used and understood even by those without technical skills.

The advantages of Business Intelligence

With business intelligence you measure your work, optimize your actions and reach your sales goals.

Business Intelligence Benefits:

  • Improve your performance
  • Streamline every business process
  • Spot the mistakes
  • Get strategic information and data, always up to date
  • Quickly make the right decisions for your business
  • You have everything under control from one place
  • Make strategic sales forecasts

The Business Intelligence of Order Sender

Discover the advanced statistics of Order Sender: our App for order collection and sales network management.

Both of our Sales force Automation solutions, Order Sender Business and Order Sender Enterprise, dedicated to order collection for sales agents and companies with a sales network, have an entire section dedicated to Business Intelligence.

Order Sender offers you:

  • Advanced statistics, data analysis tools, reports
    Measure your work, the progress of your business, the situation of customers, the best-selling products, the turnover.
  • Document management
    Document management of catalogs, flyers, product sheets etc. it is centralized in a single point and always updated.
  • Data management by agent, supplier, single customer
    Reports viewable and filterable by agent, customer, supplier
  • New Business Opportunities
    Save and increase your productivity: manage risks and anticipate new business

Measure your work thanks to Order Sender’s Business Intelligence

Analyze the acquired data, get immediate feedback on the progress of your business and transform it into useful information to make the right business decisions.

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