A Sales CRM? That’s why nowadays it’s an essential tool

We have already mentioned several times how the mobile technology is essential in our lives, that the internet browsing is mostly from mobile devices and that more than half the world’s population has at least one smartphone or tablet.

Despite the mobile revolution is taking place for some time now, many Italian companies are still rooted in an ancient and traditional concept of work, bound to the computer and desk.

The Sale is Mobile

The sale is mobile (we could say by definition!): the salesmen are constantly on the move, travelling daily to visit customers and performing their job often between one appointment and another. In addition, the number of customers and prospects is gradually increasing, together with phone calls, emails, etc.

That’s why there is a need to have “your office”, directly on your tablet. It is unthinkable to manage orders or customers just sitting at your desk! The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most important tools for a sales agent and it should be “mobile” nowadays. A tool that follows the salesperson anywhere, making his work easier.

That’s why we thought of a solution that could perform several functions from a single device:

  • Sales CRM
  • Visits
  • Catalog
  • Order Taking.

A software designed and developed taking into account the needs of the field sales team that can be seamlessly integrated with the ERP and communicate continuously with the central system, keeping updated the company’s sales force.

The advantages of a mobile sales CRM

Order Sender is a tool that was created to help sales reps to collect orders from customers, but at the same time it’s also a sales CRM.
There are many different goals that sales reps set to themselves and having a mobile CRM can make the difference in achieving them:

1. Be multitasking

It was shown that multi-tasking (i.e. doing different tasks at the same time) decreases the productivity. In fact, our brains try to continually check if we’re forgetting some follow-up, if we have everything we need for our events on the calendar, if we have verified the address, if we wrote the number of the given customer, etc. All these responsibilities, anxieties and wasted time will be only a distant memory, because all this information will simply be stored in a mobile CRM and it will be possible to access them at any time without any worries.

2. Reach more goals

For us from Order Sender team it is important to measure continuously the results we have obtained and set new goals to accomplish. With our platform you will always keep track of all open negotiations, potential customers, sales made and many other useful information that will help your sales process.

3. Don’t waste your time

The saying “Time is money” is known worldwide. Sometimes we can not afford to lose even 5 minutes of our time. That’s why having a “mobile secretary” on your tablet is really the winning choice. This way you won’t lose any corporate information, discounts, promotions or commercial choices. In addition you earn much more time for you and you can focus on your Customer.

Mobilize your Business

We started to create Order Sender taking into account the demands of field agents and the key concept of mobility.
You can understand all the benefits that we’ve listed above just trying our platform!