5 advices for the b2b sales in 2016

Which are the trends that will guide us through B2B marketing for the E-Commerce?

According to a Frost and Sullivan research, B2B and e-commerce will reach $ by 2020. Because of such a rapid growth, it is important to keep pace with the times.

In this article, we will explore some hot topics related to B2B marketing, that are having great success on e-commerce websites in 2015.

1. Simplification

It may seem an intuitive and foregone aspect, but putting together marketing and sales in your B2B business can simplify and optimize the sales flow. While data keep being important in B2B marketing, the emphasis on simplicity is harder than ever.

Retailers and B2B purchasers have a quite precise idea about what they are looking for. If your e-commerce site is very simple to guide them to what they’re searching for, in order to assure you higher conversion value.

2. Agents incentives for on line b2b sales

Make sure that your agents, while visiting customers, explain them how to make orders on line through your e-commerce site. This will lead your customers to purchase products whenever they need them.

Be sure to recompense your sales representatives for on-line purchases their B2B customers make. In this way, you will override any conflict between sales made by agents or through your e-commerce site.

3. Sharing

The content of any form of social media, such as your company’s blog, has to be always shareable. We won’t stop reapeating it!B2B sales can be complicated by long sales cycles: a video may be a great example of shareable content, in order to give customers more information and to support complex sales processes. To interact on-line with your suppliers and retailers is a great way to improve your relationship and your visibility!

4. Quality of contents

If you want to have success in B2B marketing this year, it is necessary to learn the art of narration and of high-quality contents. Not only has your work to be shareable, but it also has to catch the attention of your pubblic. The content doesn’t speak by itself, so what you have to do is make it tell a story. If you don’t have any resources and ideas, it may be interesting showing it to your sales team; it will make the internal collaboration much easier and will help you to achive unique contents. Every weak, a different member of your team will be able to give their own contribution to blog, social media or website.

It is possible to make great impression on your suppliers and retailers by pubblishing articles about topics related to your field, thanks to the sharing of case study or statistics about the impact on business. The e-commerce B2B websites, which have also a blog or an inbound marketing strategy, acquire a more targeted and relevant traffic.

5. Data security

A greater attention to security is an extremely important trend of 2016. According to Forrester’s Technology Trends 2014, brands loose an amount of aprox.10 million dollars for every data violation! To protect your customer’s data is an absolute priority when building a relationship with retailers. Their sense of security and privacy is in your hands!

6. Integrated solutions

Cosmobile, the software house that has developed Order Sender for the sales force management, develops also solutions for B2B E-commerce of your company, dedicated to retailers, distributors and professional customers, integrating them completely with Order Sender, a specially developed app for sales agents, providing your personnel with a simple-to-use and always updated tool. Moreover, a complete integration with company ERP makes it possible to easily obtain information about customers, products, discounts…

Thanks to these tools, a lot of companies using them have reduced their costs of orders reception by 80% and increased their turnover thanks to the strategic distribution channel with no fixed costs, such as B2B portal.

E-commerce on-line shops are becoming a great moneymaking sales channel for brands and distributors, a trend that will be confirmed also in 2016, modifying the priorities of B2B field in order to make their business on-line grow even more.

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