CRM for field sales

Customer management and visits

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CRM (Know your customer)

The CRM keeps track of the interactions that occur between the company and the customer. In addition to collecting orders and managing quotes, Order Sender allows you to manage customer contact information, identify his preferences, determine statistics on his activity and helping you to create an increasingly individual customer experience.

All the information in one place

Customer data, that are made available to sales agents, are not limited only to the personal details; Order Sender provides a range of information needed for a more tailored and customer-centric selling approach. Order history, the administrative status and statistics on purchases are only some aspects of the customer-company interaction, run by Order Sender, that are also accessible by sales agents.

Business Travels, the module for visits planning

Schedule your appointments in a minute

Business Travels module allows you to manage and schedule appointments in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to the complete overview of the week, you can have the big picture of all scheduled appointments. In addition, with the ability to associate a frequency of visits to each customer, the sales agent will be able to see if the last appointment was carried out by the due date. All appointments, that are created using Order Sender, will be placed directly in the calendar of the used device.

Find your customers with the Interactive Map

The interactive map allows you to quickly find customers to visit, learn their location and evaluate the distances in real time. The destination can be displayed directly on the map, with the navigator already pointed at the address associated with the appointment, allowing the sales reps to always have a complete overview of the transfer to be made.

Elaborate real-time surveys

The company will receive a feedback on appointments through a survey, filled out by the sales agents and containing various fields: from the evaluation of the appointment to the most interesting products for the customer, from the visits quality to the suggested frequency, up to reviews on the customer and on his response to the proposals. This will allow the sales reps to provide the company or its marketing department with useful evaluation in real time.

Customized modules

Order Sender is a highly customizable platform through extensions and adaptations, developed to meet specific needs of the customers.
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Viewing of payment status

For each customer you can keep track of payments made or yet to be collected. This allows the sales agents to know exactly the situation for a given order or customer and, with information updated in real time, to be able to take charge of credit collection during their work.

Managing partial payments and invoices

For each order placed, it is possible to show the status of payments and shipping, as well as to consult the information related to individual invoices and shipping documents issued.

Push notifications

Push notifications are very effective communication tools, characterized by autonomous management of submissions. They allow the sales reps to be updated in real time on information related to new promotions, special communications from the company or on Order Sender upgrades.

Intuitive, simple and modern


Create orders and quote with your tablet in a few simple steps. Manage discounts and prices, get the customer's signature and send all the material in pdf format to the supplier, the customer or whomever you think it's appropriate.

It works offline

The ability to take orders with no connectivity is an added value of Order Sender, making it an efficient solution that can be used anywhere. Since the data resides on tablet, the access to the content is immediate.

IOS, Android and Web

Order Sender is developed for Apple iOS and Google Android. It can be downloaded from the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. There is also a web version that can be used from any modern browser.