Order taking

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Agents/customers management

When assigning customers to its sales reps, the company can choose to associate the customer with one or more agents, as well as to allow them to insert new customers and associate each customer with one or more shipping addresses.

Customizable price lists for each customer

It is possible to define, for each customer, a custom price list, specifying custom discounts on individual products or on all items of a particular supplier.

Customizing forms and terms of sale

For a more professional approach towards those who receive your order, header and standard conditions of the order can be customized by inserting your company logo and defining specific conditions of sale.


In addition to the ability to compile the order directly, sales reps will be able to draw up quotes, which can be turned into orders before they are sent to the company.

Advanced features

Digital signature

PDF documents, sent by e-mail, will be signed by the customer with the software function that allows you to collect his signature.


To get a digital signature with legal effect on PDF documents, sent to the company or the customer, it will be enough to simply connect to your tablet some specific tools, which will allow the authentication of the signature by the system.

Barcode reading

Bar code readers, as well as other types of sensors that can be connected via Bluetooth, can be integrated with Order Sender, ensuring greater automation and efficiency of order taking procedure.

Customized modules

Order Sender is a highly customizable platform through extensions and adaptations, developed to meet specific needs of the customers.
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Advanced discounts management

Order Sender can manage complex pricing, promotions and discounts policies, adapting itself perfectly to the specific requirements of the company. Consistent with the computing power and memory offered by the devices, you can manage promotions on specific products (either related to their quantity or weight and with defined timing) and differentiated discounts (for customers, agents, product category or for single product).

Viewing the status of the order

If integrated with the ERP, OS is able to provide the sales reps with updated information on orders and quotes sent to the company, such as the status of the order (or individual products), transport documents and the possible date of delivery, indicating even potential changes of quantities and/or prices, made by the company.

Check units in stock

Integrating the information, which concerns stock availability, in the exchange of data between ERP and Order Sender will allow the sales agents to know in real time which products they can insert in the order. Not only the agents can avoid ordering non-available items, but they will be also able to indicate which products are coming soon, providing the customer with an accurate picture of possibilities right from the moment of order taking.

Intuitive, simple and modern


Create orders and quote with your tablet in a few simple steps. Manage discounts and prices, get the customer's signature and send all the material in pdf format to the supplier, the customer or whomever you think it's appropriate.

It works offline

The ability to take orders with no connectivity is an added value of Order Sender, making it an efficient solution that can be used anywhere. Since the data resides on tablet, the access to the content is immediate.

IOS, Android and Web

Order Sender is developed for Apple iOS and Google Android. It can be downloaded from the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. There is also a web version that can be used from any modern browser.