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Import from file

Order Sender makes it possible to import and export your data, related to customers, products and orders, by using CSV (Comma Separated Values) files, a text format that allows you to exchange data of a database or a spreadsheet across different applications.

A tool for everyone

Files with a .csv extension are supported by major data manipulation and data management software, such as Microsoft Excel, Open Office and Numbers. The integration done via CSV files makes Order Sender an even more simple and easy-to-use tool.


Simplified integration

To get a complete integration of Order Sender with third-party software, the access to libraries of Web APIs is provided. These communication interfaces makes it possible to export and import data related to orders, customers and products on company management system, creating a highly flexible integration, which is perfectly shaped respecting the company's workflow. The ERP, or any other external system used, can be set in such a way as to obtain the data generated by Order Sender through simple web calls.