OS Enterprise: your secret agent

Thanks to OS Enterprise Business Intelligence solutions, you have at your disposal analytical and reporting tools to optimize your decision-making processes and operational efficiency, identify market trends and new business opportunities.

From data analysis to business decisions

With OS Enterprise, our complete Sales Force Automation Software, able to manage all the activities of your sales network, we analyze the acquired data and turn it into useful information to make business decisions.

You will have at your disposal:

– Report: Indications on the progress of the activity and its customer’s situation;

– Advanced statistics: Relating to agents activities, to best-selling products and achieved revenues  (general or specific customer, per month, year, to be compared with the equivalent period of the previous year);

– Commissions: Opportunity to set the percentage on the sale of each product;

– Sales Optimization: Cost reduction, higher efficiency, and productivity;

– Risks and Opportunities: From data analysis to business decisions.

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