Frequently asked questions from our customers

What is Order Sender?

Order Sender is the easiest and most effective App to manage your order forms, a suitable tool for sales representatives and agents.
The App will import your customers/suppliers/products list and will enable you to create a "virtual warehouse" list that can be matched with different discount options for products according to the specific customers.
You can generate an order by following a few easy steps on your tablet, manage discounts and prices and automatically send the resulting document to your supplier, customer - or a different recipient at your discretion - as a pdf file.
Order Sender has one single screen where you can fill in an order in few steps, with an import function to synchronize the App with your customers', suppliers' and related product details on your tablet without manually adding any lists: everything you write in the order form will automatically be processed by your tablet, which will generate pdf documents and automatically send them to selected email addresses.
Order Sender is your helper, secretary and virtual warehouse - a portable and all-in-one touchscreen solution.

Where can I find Order Sender?

Order Sender is available on App Store or Google Play Store (ex Android Market).

Which devices is Order Sender compatible with?

Order Sender is compatible with all iPads, Mini iPad and with Android tablets that have screens large up to 8''.

How many languages does Order Sender support?

Order Sender already speaks Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Polish, but... it's only the beginning!

In which countries is Order Sender available?

Order Sender is avalaible in any country.

Which data can I import/export in/from Order Sender?

Suppliers, costumers, articles and orders are the kind of data that are importable/exportable in/from Order Sender.

I have an Android device and I can't install Order Sender. Why?

If your Android device is a smartphone or a small tablet, you can't install Order Sender because it requires a smartphone with a screen up to 8''. If you have a tablet that have the right dimensions, maybe is not correctly configurated on Play Store. In these situations we can't help you because Play Store is the only way to obtain Order Sender.

I need some specific modifications to Order Sender. What can I do?

You can contact us filling the contact form with your requests in order to obtain a quote for a customization. We can customize the App only for companies.

How can I suggest some modifications or additions to Order Sender?

You can use the Contact Form for your suggestions, that may be added to future versions of Order Sender if they are useful and coherent with our Order Sender project.

Can I use Order Sender on PC, Mac, notebook or workstation?

Yes, Order Sender is available as an application for iOS and Android tablets, but also as a web application, so it can be used from any platform and system.

I can't import any data on Order Sender, even if I read the manual, followed carefully the importation procedure and read the FAQ. What do I have to do?

You can contact us using the Contact Section. Report us the import procedure you follow and the errors that the App or the site show.