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Optimize order collection

Digital catalog, tour visits, product variant management, commissions: optimize order collection and your sales with Order Sender Modules.
The most used app by Italian agents.

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Discover the Order Sender Modules to optimize your sales and improve your work.

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Digital Catalogue

Discover the Catalog Module optimized with OS 5.5
Show your products with multiple images in the photo gallery of the Catalogue. Products with photogallery, full-screen images, better management of the product sheet. Zero printing costs, fill out the order in a few clicks. Catalogue always updated and available wherever you are, it works offline.

Size and Color Variation Management

With the Order Sender order collection App you can manage all the Product Variants in your order: size, color, format, size, packaging. You can choose the quantity, price and discounts for each product variant. You have all the variants in the order line under control.

Tour Visits

Manage all appointments from Smartphone and Tablet in a few clicks, plan your visits, find customers on the interactive map, create reports at the end of the visit. You are always in control of your visits, even offline.

Commissions and Statistics

Measure your work and check at any time what is the return on sales. Calculate commissions in a few clicks and take advantage of the section dedicated to advanced statistics to improve your work and make strategic decisions for your business.

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