Do you still fill in the orders by hand? Are you using another Force Automation Sale Software? You will ask yourself: “Why should I choose Order Sender?”

Because Order Sender provides you significant advantages:will remodel and improve your selling way.

You will save time and money by collecting orders in just a few clicks. You will sell more, faster and more efficiently. You will not make mistakes, especially when ordering. You will no longer have to worry about having an Internet connection. You will no longer have the anxiety of losing your data; interface with any business management system. You will not spend more time on the phone looking for information. You will be free to use your preferred device: Smartphone, Tablet (iOS or Android) and Web.

Are you a sales agent?
Here are the services offered by Order Sender

– Orders in a few clicks: A complete and easy to use tool, even if you do not have any professional skills. Collect orders in a few steps

– You’ll never go wrong again: Reduces the probability of error by 98%

– You will be smart and experienced: You will introduce yourself to your customers innovatively and effectively.

– Bypass unnecessary phone calls: Enough time spent on the phone to search for information (-60% of calls with Order Sender), all you need is in hand.

– You will sell wherever and in comfort: It runs even offline, without an Internet connection. Delete paper and pen and the trouble of filling out orders by hand

– You have a complete software for your sales: You can collect orders and quotes in just a few steps. You can browse, customize and show your customers a digital catalog always updated with info, images, and products. You can efficiently handle documents and statistics. you can organize your dates, surveys and interactive maps in just a few clicks with the Giro Visite (Business Travels)

– Communicate with everyone: You have in hand a flexible and integrated tool, capable of interfacing with any company management system, information that is always accessible and up to date.

– On all devices: Order Sender is available for Smartphones, Tablets (iOS and Android) and Web

– You will become EcoFriendly: Less than 90% of used paper, we save the environment with an eco-friendly choice.

– You will speak all languages: Order Sender speaks multiple languages (Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Polish)

– A team in your Support: You will find answers to all your questions thanks to our web area Support (with Video Tutorial, User Manual, Faq)

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